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Picnics & Lunchboxes

  • Picnics and Lunchboxes
Bocconcini Skewers

Bocconcini Skewers Ingredients 15 Cherry Tomatoes 150g Mezé Bocconcini tub 15 fresh Basil leaves 60ml Balsamic Vinegar 30ml Olive Oil Salt, Pepper 15 Toothpicks or Mini Skewers Preparing the spices…

Falafel Balls

Falafel Balls Ingredients 6 Mezé oval Pita breads, toasted 300g Cabbage, shredded 1 Red Onion, sliced 500g Mezé Falafel Mix 250g Mezé Tahinosalata Sunflower Oil Preparing the spices 1 Place…

Brie Tart

Brie Tart Ingredients Store-bought frozen Puff Pastry 2-3 tbsp Mezé Onion Marmalade 10g fresh Thyme 1 wedge of Brie 50g roasted Pine Nuts Makes 2x 15cm tarts Preparing the spices…

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