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About Us

A Delicious Journey from Dips and Pita to Nationwide Success

Our story began in 1974 with the launch of a range of dips and pita bread. From simple beginnings, the choice of products grew over the years to include a variety of cheeses, specialising in Haloumi cheese and Feta cheese.

In August 2003, Mezé Foods was bought by Nick Papadopoulos, whose ambition helped to expand the range even further and turn Mezé Foods into a household name. Today, a myriad of products, including cheeses, dips, pesto’s and olives, are manufactured and distributed throughout the national retail and hospitality industries.

November 2010 saw the dawn of an exciting new era when our state-of-the-art factory opened in Daleside.

The vision for the new facility was to seamlessly marry manufacturing and distribution. This has been achieved with aplomb, thanks to a plant that meets the very highest in environmental and food safety standards

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